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Best Brain Games

You’ve read it here before. The answer to “What are the best brain games for improving memory?” doesn’t happen to be the online games you see heavily advertised both online and offline (you know which ones I mean) or the crossword puzzles you’ve been enthusiastically completing for years while having your morning [Read more…]

Green Tea Enhances Memory

Are you a green tea drinker? According to a new study from the University of Basel in Switzerland, green tea enhances memory. The researchers claim to be the first to prove that green tea benefits memory. Previous studies with green tea have shown benefits in connection [Read more…]

Caffeine Enhances Memory (Video)

It comes as no surprise since you’ve most likely heard it before that caffeine enhances memory.  In a new experiment conducted by Michael Yassa, formerly at Johns Hopkins University, and his team, one cup of strong coffee with 200 milligrams of caffeine, was found to enhance long-term memory. Here’s what made this study as little different than [Read more…]

Use It or Lose It Memory Strategy

Having a good memory can’t be a thing of the past – regardless of how many smartphones, iPads, etc. you have and use. You’re going to have to subscribe to the use it or lose memory strategy. Why? Because “Your entire sense of identity, and to some extent your personality, is bound up with, if not entirely based on, your experiences. Your memories are what make you [Read more…]

Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory

Many of the activities you read about for improving memory involve quite a bit of mental effort. Although you can’t escape that entirely, there are a few natural ways to improve your memory and help things along. PsyBlog gives us a list of 10 — some easier to do than [Read more…]

Activities to Improve Memory in Adults

Do you really want to be sitting in front of a computer participating in brain training apps in order to improve your memory? There are more enjoyable and far better activities to improve memory in adults [Read more…]

Does Taking Photos Help Your Memory?

How often do you whip out your smartphone and quickly take a snap of your friends, a funny situation, an interesting object, or something else? Well, in two tightly controlled studies at Fairfield University in Connecticut, researchers investigated whether photographing objects impacts what people remember about them. Does taking photos help your memory? It seems [Read more…]

What’s Better Than Coffee for Memory Improvement?

Grabbing a cup of java when you’re on-the-go may no doubt be convenient (unless you have to stand in a long lineup). It may also make you more alert and energetic, but when it comes to boosting your memory performance for longer periods of time what’s better than coffee for memory improvement? A personal experiment reported on [Read more…]

How to Memorize a List of Words Quickly (Video)

Whether it’s your to-do list at work, characteristics about your clients, your grocery list for a weekend get-together, or a vocabulary list for study purposes, you’ll want to know how to memorize a list of words quickly so you can get on to doing other things. In this video, [Read more…]

Blanking Out Under Stress (Video)

Does your memory ever let you down when you’re stressed? It’s a very common phenomenon blanking out under stress — whether you’re about to give a presentation, start an important task or procedure at work, or write a test for training or certification purposes.

Watch the video below for a ridiculously simple tip from Dave Farrow [Read more…]