Franklin D. Roosevelt, His Memory Technique to Remember Names Easily

Someone who was famous for having an amazing memory for names and faces was Franklin D. Roosevelt. His memory technique to remember names easily involved visualizing the person’s name written out on their [Read more...]

Does Dancing Improve Memory?

Does dancing improve memory? If you’re looking for a fun-filled way to improve your memory, dancing may be the answer. Richard Powers, an instructor at Stanford University’s Dance Division, summarizes some research that looked at the effect of various types of physical activity on mental functioning. Guess which [Read more...]

London Olympics: Memory Practice for Adults

London Olympics Memory Practice for Adults: challenge your memory and your knowledge of flags.

Just in time for the London Olympics! Memory practice for adults lets you show off your knowledge of country flags and stimulates your memory at the same time. Challenge your friends to a  few matches of this free online game and find out who’s a true Olympic genius. [Read more...]

Ellen DeGeneres: Memory Issues (Video)

For a change of pace and a bit of humor, here’s an excerpt from a stand up routine performed by Ellen DeGeneres. Memory issues and forgetfulness happen to all of us. This clip is a few years old, but forgetfulness has not been cured as of [Read more...]

Storytelling Helps Memory Retention

What do storytelling, memory, and business have in common? It’s no surprise that people love stories — movies, books, and TV shows. In addition to entertaining us, do stories have any other value? Yes, indeed. On this blog, though, we’re interested in the way in which storytelling helps memory retention. It’s just as useful in [Read more...]

Visual Memory Research

Interesting visual memory research with Duke University varsity soccer players used strobe glasses to find out whether the strobes have an effect on short-term memory retention. Apparently, [Read more...]

Best Exercises to Improve Memory Skills

What are the best exercises to improve memory skills? Should you be jogging, stretching, cycling, walking, swimming, or doing some other activity?  A recent study by researcher Kirsten Hotting, PhD, a lecturer in psychology at the University of Hamburg, Germany, indicates that [Read more...]

Why Can I Remember Some Things and Not Others?

Why can I remember some things and not others?

Does this sound familiar? You can remember how to ride a bike, but you can’t remember a list of words you were just given. You can remember the capital cities of all the countries in Europe, but you can’t remember what you ate for dinner last night. The answer lies in how your memory works and in the various types of memory you have. Here is [Read more...]

How is Memory Affected By Stress?

Moving information from our working or short-term memory into our long term memory involves 3 stages. It is easy for stress to interfere with any of these stages — and then there goes [Read more...]

Making Learning Memorable

Making learning memorable has always been and continues to be a long running challenge in training situations. Training sessions that teach folks about policies, procedures, and regulations are usually dull and boring. Consider these 7 keys to [Read more...]