Relaxing Ways to Improve Memory

Where is it? Where is it?
Can’t find it. Can’t find it.
It’s got to be here. It’s got to be here.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a few relaxing ways to improve memory? Better than the vicious “I can’t find it” cycle. You know the one I mean. You can’t remember where you filed your report that’s due tomorrow, where you parked your car, or where you left your wallet. Now you start [Read more...]

Where Are My Keys? (Video)

“Where are my keys?” For a little musical diversion when you’re stressed out because you can’t find your keys, your phone, or your glasses, watch this performance from Rapper Zipparah ‘Mr Zip’ Tafari’s on Britain’s Got Talent. [Read more...]

How a Champion Uses the Memory Palace Technique (Video)

If you’ve done any reading on memory, you’ve probably come across the memory palace technique. It has its origins in ancient Greece and is a current-day indispensable tool for memory champions. In this video, Joshua Foer, USA Memory Champion, shares how a champion uses the memory palace technique to remember a list of words. [Read more...]

Remembering Information at Work

Remembering information at work is a demanding requirement. Your work day is filled with procedures, customer service, sales, and much more. Here’s a good article from our friends with suggestions on using linking, jingles, acronyms (anyone lacking any of those?), and location cues to help you remember information at work. [Read more...]

Techniques for Better Memory at Work (Video)

In this video, memory expert Dr. Cynthia Green suggests techniques for better memory at work. Changing things up, rearranging our desks, doodling during a meeting, and taking courses are all things we can do to stimulate our brains. [Read more...]

How to Improve Memory at Work

Wondering how to improve memory at work when you’re faced with a whole host of tasks to do and you’re stressed beyond reason? A recent study conducted by University of Washington researchers found that meditation training helped employees with their concentration and memory. [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Musical Memory

It’s not a long stretch. Learning how to improve your musical memory is also bound to carry over into helping your memory for the spoken word (e.g. in meetings, on the telephone, in casual conversation). Try out this memory game. [Read more...]

How to Remember Information Better

If you want to know how to remember information better, add as many of your senses as possible to the task. Sounds a little crazy but try imagining not just how something looks, but how it sounds, smells, feels, and tastes (yes, really!). The more ridiculous it seems, the better — that’s what makes it memorable. This video gives you an example of how to do it. [Read more...]

How to Remember Definitions of Words

When you’re learning another language (whether it’s for personal interest or you want to impress a client or even your mother-in-law) you’ll want to know how to remember definitions of words. Repetition is of limited value. What will work much better is using association techniques together with visualization. Learn more about these techniques in this article from [Read more...]

Will Playing Chess Help My Memory Develop?

Much is written about the game of chess and the many mental benefits it provides. Here at Improving Your Memory Techniques, we are particularly interested in the answer to the question “Will playing chess help my memory develop?” Although children are encouraged to learn to play the game, adults benefit as well. [Read more...]