Where Did I Leave My Car?

Usually when you’re parking your car, chances are you’re not thinking about the car, you’re thinking about what you’ll be doing next — catching a flight, getting to the ball game, getting into work, shopping, and more. Then later on, you find yourself asking “Where did I leave my car?” and it becomes a frustrating, time-wasting exercise in looking for [Read more...]

How to Remember Dates

Forgetting a friend’s birthday or an important anniversary is bound to get you into trouble. Why do you forget? Probably because dates and numbers aren’t particularly exciting or noteworthy. I think you’ll find this short little article from realsimple.com on how to remember dates helpful. [Read more...]

Tips to Increase Memory Power (Video)

This video gives you some specific concrete tips to increase memory power. Sharpening your concentration and increasing your memory is bound to make a noticeable difference for you at work. [Read more...]

Energy Drinks and Memory

Do energy drinks and memory work well together? Yes and no according to memory expert Ron White. Read about the results he experienced from having an energy drink before a presentation. [Read more...]

Spinach and Memory

Spinach and memory have a relationship. Since, during the course of your work day you need to remember a variety of procedures, customer information, tasks, and more, and since you also have [Read more...]

I Can’t Remember Where I Parked My Car (Video)

You parked your car, locked it, and sprinted across the parking lot so you wouldn’t be late for your meeting. When you return to the lot, you stand there perplexed, “I can’t remember where I parked my car.” Sound familiar? [Read more...]

Quick Easy Memory Techniques

No tech gadgets needed to implement these quick easy memory techniques. Here are 4 tools for your toolbox that you can pull out anytime you need to remember someone’s name, the location for a meeting, or a to-do list. [Read more...]

Best Food to Increase Memory Power

You’ve got an important meeting with a client today and you want to knock it out of the park. Consider adding the best food to increase memory power to your breakfast as [Read more...]

How to Remember a Long List of Things (Video)

Do you need to remember a long list of things at work — a to-do list, a procedure, a protocol? In the video below, Dave Farrow, 2-time Guinness World Record holder for Greatest Memory teaches us how to remember a long list of things. Although the video is [Read more...]

Walking and Improved Memory

Ever thought about holding a walking meeting at work? Instead of getting together in a drab meeting room, try conducting your meeting on-the-go. Plan a walk down the street or in a nearby park.

According to research published in the European Journal of Developmental Psychology, there is a connection between walking and improved memory, specifically working (or short-term) memory in [Read more...]