Einstein Learning Techniques (Video)

There is always so much to read at work — emails, proposals, reports, operating procedures, and more. Trying to concentrate can be a challenge. The video below shares a strategy with us that was used by Albert Einstein. Learning techniques that teach us how to  concentrate, wherever and [Read more...]

How to Make Memorizing Easier

If you’re wondering how to make memorizing easier, whether it’s a presentation, product information, or the vocabulary of a new language you’re learning, you’ll be interested in the idea of the spacing effect.  Which of the following 2 methods do you think makes learning easier? [Read more...]

Does Chocolate Improve Your Memory?

Sounds too delicious to be true. Does Chocolate Improve Your Memory? It seems that way, but we’re not talking about calorie-laden, additive-filled chocolate here. Rather, it’s dark chocolate, specially formulated with a high percentage of cocoa (and its beneficial flavanols), that may be good for your memory. [Read more...]

Simple Tips to Improve Memory

We can all benefit from reminders of a few basics from time to time. Here are some simple tips to improve memory from Dr. Mijail D. Serruya at Jefferson University Hospital. [Read more...]

Free Memory App for Windows Phone 7.5 Download

Looking for a free memory app for windows phone 7.5 download? You can test your ability to remember company logos with this app called [Read more...]

Free Memory Game for Adults

Are you looking for a new free memory game for adults? The Health Goes Strong site offers a few brain fitness games. One in particular, the Memory Matrix game, tests your spatial recall and working memory.  As with most other games, it starts off easy and progressively gets more [Read more...]

Lorraine Feather: Singer Loses Her Keys (Video)

If you like jazz music, here’s a video that is bound to change your perspective on lost keys. When Lorraine Feather, singer, loses her keys she writes a song about it. Have a listen. She leaves you [Read more...]

Connection Between Sleep and Memory Improvement

Much to our surprise here at Improving Your Memory Techniques, a recent study has suggested that the connection between sleep and memory improvement isn’t the same for all age groups. Many earlier studies have recommended sleep as an aid to improving memory. Now it appears that sleep is more essential to [Read more...]

Will My Memory Get Worse After Having A Baby?

Are you wondering whether you (or your spouse, if you’re not the pregnant one) will suffer from memory problems after having a baby? Since, the entire body is affected by pregnancy — both during and afterward — we naturally wonder and worry about what else will be affected.  “Will my memory get worse after having a baby?” A research study described [Read more...]

Is Saturated Fat Bad For My Brain?

You’d have to have been living under a rock not to know that saturated fats are bad for your heart. But is saturated fat bad for my brain too? Now, there appears to be mounting evidence that it is indeed the case — creating sticky protein clusters that are the same culprits blamed for  a lot of the damage that is seen in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. This article from Harvard Health Publications describes the best type of diet for [Read more...]