Memory Loss and Pain

Are you in pain? If so, it may be affecting more than just your neck, your head, your back — wherever the pain exists. It appears that memory loss and pain are connected. That also means, it could be affecting your work and your life in general. [Read more...]

Memory Training for Names and Faces (Video)

In some jobs, such as police work, remembering names & faces is critical. Here is an excerpt from a memory training for names and faces program given to a group of executive police officers. The techniques can be applied in any situation — business networking, meeting new [Read more...]

Pam Peterson Memory Song (Video)

I think you’ll enjoy Pam Peterson’s sense of humor and find yourself identifying with the memory issues she raises in this video (even if you’re not generally a fan of cabaret style music). She has received critical acclaim for her work. Enjoy Pam Peterson memory song! [Read more...]

Tom Rush the Remember Song (Video)

Here at ImprovingYourMemoryTechniques, we like to add some humor and music to the frustrations of memory lapses whenever we can. It’s an older video, but what we tend to forget hasn’t changed much over time. I think you’ll enjoy Tom Rush the Remember Song. [Read more...]

Tai Chi Improves Memory

If you’re tired of the frequently promoted boot camp type work outs and are looking for a gentler more relaxing way to stay in shape, you may want to try Tai Chi. In addition to the physical benefits of Tai Chi, a study out of the University of Florida (in conjunction with Fudan University in China) reported that Tai Chi improves memory, increases the size of the brain, and enhances [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Recall

In the last post, you took a memory test to be used as a baseline before you go ahead and learn some memory improvement tips. In this post, you’ll learn some great ideas on how to improve your recall from [Read more...]

Test Your Memory Quiz

How many times have you said, “I have a bad memory?”  Are you willing to do something about it?  Take the “test your memoryquiz at and use your score as the starting point for your memory improvement journey. (Yes, women can use the same test!) Here’s the first of [Read more...]