Principles for Easy Memorization (Video)

Remembering lists, product information, or policies & procedures will be so much easier for you when you apply 3 principles for easy memorization. Watch this  8-minute video as James Gladwell of provides a good explanation (with examples) of the concepts of association, location, [Read more...]

Memory Game for Spaceship Fans

Here at, we enjoy bringing you memory activities with a variety of themes:  Barbra Streisand photos, country flags, bird melodies, celebrity caricatures, Boy Scout symbols, and more. This memory game for spaceship fans at is a game that has you matching up a variety of spaceship images. [Read more...]

How Does Eye Contact Help Memory?

If you’ve been reading about how to remember their names when you meet new people, you may have adopted techniques which have been recycled many times by many authors. Some  of those strategies may work for you –  others, not so much.

In an article from Psychology Today, we found research studies and subsequent tips suggesting that we ignore changeable characteristics (such as hair or clothing) and instead, focus on people’s eyes when trying to remember their names. How does eye contact help memory? Read on for a few new tips. [Read more...]

Barbra Streisand — Memory Game

If you’re a Barbra Streisand fan and want to exercise your memory as well, follow the link [Read more...]

Learning and Remembering Names (Video)

Memory expert Ron White helps us discover techniques for learning and remembering names in the [Read more...]

Trick to Remembering Anything

Have you ever attended a great training course? If you have, chances are it included quite a bit of interactive discussion and hands-on practice,  organized within a well-structured program and facilitated by a knowledgeable instructor.

Chances are good, as well, that the designer of that program knew that the trick to remembering anything is to include [Read more...]

Memory Tips from Film & Dramatic Arts

Participants in my presentation skills workshops often ask me whether or not it’s a good idea to memorize a presentation. Most presentation coaches will say “No” — that you should know your topic well enough that you can easily talk about it.

I disagree. [Read more...]

Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips

In this article you’ll learn about the Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips to help you with everyday list memorization or special occasion foreign language learning. Italy’s Mr. Memory, Gianni Golfera may have a rare talent when it comes to memory, but his methods can be learned by anyone. [Read more...]