Exercise, Memory, and Workplace Productivity

As a manager, I’m guessing that it has never occurred to you to encourage your staff to exercise. You know exercise is good for you, but did you know it’s also good for business? Exercise, memory, and workplace productivity go [Read more...]

Benefits of Short Bursts of Exercise on Memory

What a great way to improve memory without the use of medication! Anyone, any time can attain the benefits of short bursts of exercise on memory. Whether it’s a short bike ride, a walk, a few dance steps, or [Read more...]

Memory Game for BlackBerry Playbook (Video)

Finally, a memory game that’s unique! In this video, you’ll see a demonstration of a great little memory game for BlackBerry Playbook. The game presents a pattern of rune stones. The player must first memorize the pattern before the stones scatter, and then place them back in the same order.

There are timed and untimed modes for playing. If you’ve read my rants elsewhere on this blog, you’ll know how [Read more...]

Memory Game for Girls

You may want to share this memory game for girls with your daughters, nieces, or friends. It’s another one of those matching games with a time limit. You advance to the next level if you complete the matches within the allotted time, but if you’re not fast enough, [Read more...]

Good Tips for Improving Your Memory

Our friends at Woman’s Day magazine share 8 good tips for improving your memory. Here are [Read more...]

Brain Boosting Foods For Memory (Video)

Eat your way to a better memory! Doesn’t that sound easy? Here’s an article from the Food Coach at ABC with great ideas for brain boosting foods for memory.  [Read more...]

Easy Memory Improvement Exercise

If you’ve had a busy day, your mind and your thoughts are very likely in overdrive well into the evening, even as you are trying to fall asleep. There’s an easy memory improvement exercise that gets you to slow down and intentionally recall the details of your day. This exercise has a variety of benefits including better [Read more...]