Take a Vacation and Improve Your Memory

How would you like to hear your boss say, “Go ahead. Take a vacation and improve your memory.” If you’re feeling burnt out and starting to forget a lot of stuff, what the boss needs to know is that working longer hours at the [Read more...]

Do Memory Games Improve Memory?

Whether it’s a memory competition you’re training for, an online memory game you’re playing, or the newspaper crossword puzzle you’re diligently laboring over, there is no shortage of opportunity to work on improving your memory. But really — do memory games improve memory?

While there have been plenty of studies on what exactly can be done to improve one’s memory, some scientists are skeptical that [Read more...]

Daily Activities to Improve Memory

A great article over at our friends at Health.com gives us some easy daily activities to improve memory. Whether you’re working at the your computer, or alternatively taking a break from the computer, there are a number of small things you can do throughout [Read more...]

Super Brain Yoga® Improves Memory (Video)

Do you want a clear mind and better memory? Consider Super Brain Yoga® , a quick and easy exercise you can do many times a day. Dr. Eric B. Robins, a Los Angeles area physician, explains how Super Brain Yoga® improves memory and [Read more...]