How to Remember Anything Instantly

Would you like to know how to remember anything instantly? Many people — whether young or old — will admit to having a bad memory. Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion, offers up a few key techniques that can be used anywhere anytime to [Read more...]

Does Exercise Increase Brain Power?

Want to improve your memory, focus, and mental performance? Forgo that cup of coffee at work, and instead, engage in a few minutes of exercise. Does exercise increase brain power? Apparently so, according to research published recently in [Read more...]

Better Memory and Concentration (Video)

Although this video is a few years old, it provides an exercise for better memory and concentration that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Fast forward to the 1-minute 45 second mark (past the promo stuff) so you can get to the exercise right away. Although the practice is specifically for concentration, [Read more...]

Memory Game App for Android

Looking for a memory game app for android? Our friends at have come up with a selection of 10 you’ll want to try out.

Games such as Guess that Song, Word Search, and Shuffle and Slide can be played [Read more...]