Fist Clenching and Memory

We generally associate fist clenching in adults with stress, anger, or frustration. Well, here’s a new twist on it. Fist clenching and memory have a positive relationship.  A study published in the Plos One journal suggests clenching your fist could play a role in how well you remember [Read more...]

Transform Your Memory Skills

Here at, we’re always looking for easy ways to help you get over the “I can’t remember” hump. Thanks to our friends at, today’s post gives you 75 tips to transform your memory skills that you’ll find really useful. The tips are grouped under [Read more...]

Walking or Weight Lifting

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you already understand the benefits of exercise when it comes to keeping your memory strong. A question that you’ve most likely heard often in regard to a different topic (specifically, weight loss) also comes up when we look at memory and exercise. Which is better walking or weight lifting? [Read more...]

Can Rosemary Enhance Memory?

We were just finishing off a break during one of my workshops when a student came into the room and remarked, “The perfume worn by the receptionist at the front desk reminds me of my grade 2 teacher.” Scent, from many sources, has long been associated with memory. It stimulates the olfactory nerve in the nose, which could effect the way the brain [Read more...]

Memory Championship Techniques

Recently, the annual USA memory competition played out in New York City. Joshua Foer, the 2006 winner and author of Moonwalking with Einstein, reassures us that winners of this competition have very ordinary memories. What they do have or use, however, are memory championship techniques that take advantage of some [Read more...]