Should You Take Gingko to Boost Your Memory and Concentration?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I have stayed away from discussing and supporting the use of supplements to improve memory function. One  study says one thing, another study says something [Read more...]

Video Games Improve Memory

If you’re a crossword puzzle fanatic then listen up. It appears that video games improve memory and other cognitive skills far better than crossword puzzles do. Researcher Fredric Wolinsky at the University of Iowa compared the effects of playing the game Road Tour against playing computerized crossword puzzles and found that video games could turn back as many as 7 years of [Read more...]

Alcohol Good For Memory

Memory loss is often associated with the consumption of alcohol. There are countless examples of how drinking impairs memory. Well here’s a new surprise from researchers at Reading University in the UK who found alcohol good for memory. It’s not just any alcohol, but champagne, that contains [Read more...]

Free Online Memory Techniques

I’ve recently discovered that our friends at have offered up a collection of free online memory techniques from the pool of content in their Ultimate Memory program. You can take advantage of this no-cost opportunity to hone your memory skills — whether it’s to improve your [Read more...]