Will My Memory Improve If I Lose Weight? (Video)

Will My Memory Improve If I Lose Weight? I recently found the following video in which Dr. John Gunstad, associate professor of psychology at Kent State University, describes the results of a study he ran 2 years ago in which memory was improved by losing weight. [Read more...]

Memory Tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind?

Do you practice yoga? If not, it may be worth getting into — and not just for the physical benefits. Today’s memory tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind? is about the benefits of using it when you have a demanding mental load ahead of you. [Read more...]

Memory Tip: How to Remember What You Read

Looking for a memory tip: how to remember what you read? We’re constantly being bombarded with truckloads of information. Is it important to remember everything we read? No, of course not. We tend to filter out the information that isn’t relevant or understandable to us. If necessary, we can usually retrieve it again with a Google search or by accessing an internal intranet at work. Practically speaking, conducting a search isn’t always possible or [Read more...]

Memory Tip: How to Improve Your Memory Using a Memory Palace (Video)

At  a recent workshop I conducted,  I introduced the Memory Palace technique to my audience. The participants jumped on it immediately and were amazed at what they could recall by the end of the session.

I found a video online that shows you in a simple way how to improve your memory using a memory palace. [Read more...]