Memory and Emotions

What was the best learning experience you ever had? What made it so good? What was the worst? What made it so bad? Chances are you find it easier to remember the bad ones. Why? Memory and emotions are related. You probably had a negative emotional reaction to the experience, the place, the situation — perhaps it was frustration, anger, or [Read more...]

Boost Your Brain Power

Today I found an article the site that will help you boost your brain power. It has a few health tips I haven’t seen elsewhere and even though the article is over a year old, you’ll still find them useful. They are as relevant today as they were when [Read more...]

Video Games for Improving Memory

Should you become an avid gamer in order to improve your memory? Research on whether video games for improving memory are truly effective has generally provided mixed results. Recently, researchers in California came up with a game that might just make a difference. Although the game wasn’t specifically designed to improve memory, there were long-term benefits to memory as well as attention and focus. Surprisingly, older participants performed better than those [Read more...]

Test Your Memory

For those of you who enjoy playing memory games, I found a new site you may want to try out that will test your memory. The site is in beta and definitely has a number of grammar errors. The English translation needs work, but that won’t prevent you from playing the games. You can choose between memory games using [Read more...]