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Hello there! I’m Ida Shessel.Ida Shessel

Thanks for dropping by. Like you, I’m concerned about my memory — losing it, that is. So now, I’m doing something about it –  and I want to help you, your business colleagues, your friends, and as an added bonus, your family too.

As an international speaker, author, consultant, and coach, I have a special interest in helping others apply memory techniques to business — whether it’s to increase credibility and referral opportunities in sales, to improve flexibility and responsiveness in business situations, or to make learning stick.

Feel free to check out my business site at www.IdaShessel.com.

I’m also delighted to be the communication skills expert at the Academy of Wellness.


To inquire about our fun interactive memory-building workshop Using Championship Memory Techniques to Make Learning Stick, connect with me through the Contact Us form.


By the end of my memory workshops, the participants are always amazed at what they have been able to remember. Here’s what a few of them have said:

Thank you, Ida, for a great session for our ASTD chapter today. The responses were really positive. I think you really knocked peoples’ socks off – they were amazed at your linking technique and what it enabled them to remember in such a short time.
Carey Fried, Director of Professional Development, CallSource

I was told you would improve my memory in 30 minutes and I thought “yeah, right!” I am pleasantly surprised by the results and what I learned.
Melissa Volchok, Los Angeles

Oh my goodness. It actually works!!!
Audrie Echnoz,  Executive Director, YMCA

I’m one of those who thinks she has a bad memory. From today’s session, I realized that it can improve with the use of techniques and practice! Thanks, Ida!
Jennifer Kennedy, Rotary International

Fantastic — a thoughtfully prepared presentation. I was surprised how well I did with the memory exercise. These techniques work.
Jean Franzblau Consulting, California