Alcohol Good For Memory

Memory loss is often associated with the consumption of alcohol. There are countless examples of how drinking impairs memory. Well here’s a new surprise from researchers at Reading University in the UK who found alcohol good for memory. It’s not just any alcohol, but champagne, that contains phenolic acid, considered to provide the enhancement to spatial memory.

Alcohol Good For Memory

Alcohol good for memory: black grapes have a compound that improves spatial memory

Alcohol good for memory: black grapes have a compound that improves spatial memory

…a compound found in the black grapes, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier, both of which are used for champagne, helps stave off forgetfulness.

Jeremy Spencer, a biochemistry professor at Reading University, said: “Dementia probably starts in the 40s and goes on to the 80s. It is a gradual decline and so the earlier people take these beneficial compounds in champagne, the better.”

Research on rats being fed champagne in their food resulted in

…a 200 per cent increase of proteins important for determining effective memory. This occurred in rats after just six weeks. We think it would take about three years in humans.

“This research is exciting because it illustrates for the first time that moderate consumption of champagne has the potential to influence cognitive functioning such as memory.”

The entire article from The Telegraph can be found here.

For those of you who are not fans of champagne, all is not lost since it appears that a compound in black grapes is what does the trick. Hopefully, some enterprising business person will come up with a non-alcoholic drink that would be just as effective. Even though researchers found alcohol good for memory, consuming so much will not doubt have a number of negative side effects. More research is needed with varying grapes, concentrations, and age ranges.

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