Best Brain Games

You’ve read it here before. The answer to “What are the best brain games for improving memory?” doesn’t happen to be the online games you see heavily advertised both online and offline (you know which ones I mean) or the crossword puzzles you’ve been enthusiastically completing for years while having your morning coffee.

Best Brain Games

the best brain games involve learning a challenging new skill

the best brain games require you to learn a challenging new skill

Regarding crossword puzzles…

They aren’t going to do much of anything, because research has shown that to reap benefits, the task should be novel,” says Arthur Kramer, Ph.D., director of the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois. He’s also a designer of brain-training protocols for the Department of Defense.

Instead, try learning a new language; it will promote new pathways for communication within the brain while providing an educating experience that leaves you better able to analyze and overcome challenges.

You can read the short article here.

Not interested in tackling a new language? Choose some other new skill (such as learning a musical instrument or new dance steps) and your brain will get the same challenging workout as learning a new language. What these activities have in common and why they really are the best brain games is that in addition to inserting new content into your memory, repeating the musical piece or the dance moves requires you to recall or pull the information out of your brain. It is the retrieval process that works your memory.

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