Best Technique to Improve Focus Concentration

It may be summer vacation for most students, but many are still diligently attending summer school. When the outside calls to you and you’d rather be biking, swimming, or enjoying the weather in some other way, you may be lacking motivation when it comes to studying for those summer exams. Here is the best technique to improve focus concentration from Dave Farrow, 2-time Guinness Record holder for greatest memory (who has ADHD and dyslexia).

Best Technique to Improve Focus Concentration

Interval training for the brain is the best technique to improve focus concentration.

With the Focus Burst technique I’ve developed, you increase the INTENSITY of the study session by changing things like the time interval and the style of work. Now the brain gets in the game because it has more to keep it focused on the task at hand. Soon, you’ll be doing with out the background music.

Typically study programs will recommend that you study anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and then take a 15 minute break. The Focus Burst™ method is more extreme. We recommend that you study in extremely short bursts of 5 or 6 minutes, then take a break of equal length. But what the method asks you to do is accomplished much more in that 5 minutes of study than you thought possible. We ask you to accomplish at least twice as much using the extreme study techniques we teach in the live sessions.

Instead of 30 minutes to write one page of a term paper, write it in 5 minutes. If you’re working out problems, work out twice as many as you normally would in 5 minutes. If your working on memory or researching or reading text, again the goal is to get extreme and absorb twice or even three time as much as you normally would. Even though this kind of extreme studying can be difficult, I’ve developed techniques to make it possible – and it’s only for 5-6 minutes at a burst. Anyone can do it.

What we’ve found is that even after just a few minutes break you can go back and do it over and over for hours – burst after burst. You’ll get three to four times the work done without the fatigue, headaches, eyestrain and everything else that often comes with prolonged studying.

Nature shows that animals in the wild can instinctively operate at high intensity for extremely short periods of time when faced with danger. Athletes from boxers to runners to the most elite athletes have discovered that interval training is the best way for them to reach peak condition. The Focus Burst™ study method is like interval training for the brain and takes advantage of your natural ability for peak performance in short bursts.

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Try this best technique to improve focus concentration and let us know how it’s working for you.

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