Better Memory and Concentration (Video)

Although this video is a few years old, it provides an exercise for better memory and concentration that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Fast forward to the 1-minute 45 second mark (past the promo stuff) so you can get to the exercise right away. Although the practice is specifically for concentration, I think we all know that the better our ability to concentrate, the better our memory will be. So exercising your concentration “muscle” is bound to be good all around.

Better Memory and Concentration

According to one of the entries in the comment section below the video, this exercise originates from the book The Power Of Concentration by Theron Q. Dumont (who lived from 1862-1932). When it comes to concentration and focus, it appears that some ideas never get old.

So try out this exercise for better memory and concentration and then come back and tell us how it’s working out for you. Share it with colleagues, friends, and family members. Apparently, it helps with ADHD too.


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