Blanking Out Under Stress (Video)

Does your memory ever let you down when you’re stressed? It’s a very common phenomenon blanking out under stress — whether you’re about to give a presentation, start an important task or procedure at work, or write a test for training or certification purposes.

Watch the video below for a ridiculously simple tip from Dave Farrow, 2-time Guinness Record Holder for Greatest Memory. This tip will quickly  take you from the blanking out to remembering frame of mind.

Blanking Out Under Stress (Video)

(The tip actually starts half way through the video.)

So remember, resist the urge to look down when you find yourself  blanking out under stress. Shift your eyes upward and you’ll really be helping yourself remember. Share this tip with your colleagues, friends, and children. (Your children will be especially grateful for the tip when they blank out during test writing!)

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