Brain Boosting Foods For Memory (Video)

Eat your way to a better memory! Doesn’t that sound easy? Here’s an article from the Food Coach at ABC with great ideas for brain boosting foods for memory. 

Brain Boosting Foods For Memory

Try pizza with tomatoes, pumpkin, and other great brain boosting foods for memory.

Reaching for certain foods might not only make you healthier, but it could also improve your mood and your memory.

If you start eating certain foods like fish, fortified grains, produce, nuts and seeds, health expert Chris Noonan says you should feel a big difference.

“You’ll have this boost in energy. You’ll have this improvement in mood. You don’t know where it came from, but it’s because you’re filling up these deficiencies,” explained Noonan.

Registered Dietician Patricia Bannan says such foods contain Omega 3 fatty acids, folic acid, tryptophan and selenium.

“Selenium is found in nuts and seeds and it’s also found in meat, poultry and eggs and fish,” Bannan said.

She added that tryptophan is also present in nuts, seeds and protein foods while folic acid is present in fortified grains and produce. And while these foods are common, those who don’t eat them may have problems.

For the entire article and video, go here to the Food Coach at ABC.

Brain boosting foods for memory don’t have to be bland. As it talks about in the article, pizza, with a variety of interesting toppings such as pumpkin and pepitas (pumpkin seeds), falls into the category of  healthy foods that benefit your memory and your mood. Try making pizza tonight using healthy  brain boosting foods.

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