Unlock Memories of Your Past

Would you like to unlock memories of your past? Marilu Henner has recently come out with a new book entitled Total Memory Makeover: Uncover Your Past, Transform Your Future. What makes this book particularly significant is that she has HSAM, Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, a rare ability to remember nearly every event in her life.

In her book, she discusses her memory, and more importantly shares tips and exercises for unlocking your own autobiographical memory.  She helps readers create connections between their past memories, their present lives, and the futures they’re looking to create.

Unlock Memories of Your Past

Here is what people are saying about this great book.

“This book exceeded my expectations. Using Marilu’s analogy of queuing up scenes on a DVD I found that memories began filling in with surprising detail.”

- Beth Guiliano

“I have been fascinated by Marilu’s memory since I saw 60 Minutes. But I had no idea she would write such a thoughtful and well researched book! An easy book to read, it bursts with ideas about life and memory that is refreshing and fun, and provocative.”

- Bill

Using the techniques in Total Memory Makeover with your senses, learning style, and significant events in your life, a person can improve their memory skills and learn about themselves. Essentially, I view everything that we have as a gift. Marilu’s book is an excellent guide to using and developing your memory as a gift to yourself.

- Frank Healy

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