Best Brain Games

You’ve read it here before. The answer to “What are the best brain games for improving memory?” doesn’t happen to be the online games you see heavily advertised both online and offline (you know which ones I mean) or the crossword puzzles you’ve been enthusiastically completing for years while having your morning [Read more...]

How to Memorize a List of Words Quickly (Video)

Whether it’s your to-do list at work, characteristics about your clients, your grocery list for a weekend get-together, or a vocabulary list for study purposes, you’ll want to know how to memorize a list of words quickly so you can get on to doing other things. In this video, [Read more...]

Increasing Your IQ

“How did you remember that?” If you have a great memory, you’ve probably gotten this reaction from friends and colleagues — and if you have a great memory, people often think you’re a genius (so to speak). Marketers of brain training games try to promote the connection between memory and intelligence and lead you to believe that while you’re working on improving your short term memory you’re also increasing your IQ.

New research from [Read more...]

Video Games for Improving Memory

Should you become an avid gamer in order to improve your memory? Research on whether video games for improving memory are truly effective has generally provided mixed results. Recently, researchers in California came up with a game that might just make a difference. Although the game wasn’t specifically designed to improve memory, there were long-term benefits to memory as well as attention and focus. Surprisingly, older participants performed better than those [Read more...]

Test Your Memory

For those of you who enjoy playing memory games, I found a new site you may want to try out that will test your memory. The site is in beta and definitely has a number of grammar errors. The English translation needs work, but that won’t prevent you from playing the games. You can choose between memory games using [Read more...]

Bad Memory Game

I’m always on the lookout for a new memory game to add a little variety to your brain training. Today I found one on

Once you click on the link below and scroll down the page, you’ll come to a set of purple rectangles. When you click “go”, the computer briefly changes one of the purple rectangles into a yellow rectangle. In level 2, two rectangles change, in level 3 three rectangles change, and so on.  Sometimes, the same rectangle flashes yellow more than once.

Your task is to make a mental note of which rectangles change. In order to advance to a higher level, you must [Read more...]

Free Matching Games for Adults

Here at, we’re always looking for free matching games for adults to help you hone your skills. Today I found a site with matching games that I think you’ll enjoy. As with other good online games, there are [Read more...]

Video Games Improve Memory

If you’re a crossword puzzle fanatic then listen up. It appears that video games improve memory and other cognitive skills far better than crossword puzzles do. Researcher Fredric Wolinsky at the University of Iowa compared the effects of playing the game Road Tour against playing computerized crossword puzzles and found that video games could turn back as many as 7 years of [Read more...]

Free Online Memory Techniques

I’ve recently discovered that our friends at have offered up a collection of free online memory techniques from the pool of content in their Ultimate Memory program. You can take advantage of this no-cost opportunity to hone your memory skills — whether it’s to improve your [Read more...]

Memory Game App for Android

Looking for a memory game app for android? Our friends at have come up with a selection of 10 you’ll want to try out.

Games such as Guess that Song, Word Search, and Shuffle and Slide can be played [Read more...]