Exercising Your Mind

What would happen if you lost your electronic gadgets and had to rely on your memory for dates, appointments, and other important information? Could you do it? Even with the use of computers, calculators, and so on, it’s a good idea to keep your mind sharp and spend some time each and every day exercising your mind. Our friends over at [Read more...]

Do Memory Games Improve Memory?

Whether it’s a memory competition you’re training for, an online memory game you’re playing, or the newspaper crossword puzzle you’re diligently laboring over, there is no shortage of opportunity to work on improving your memory. But really — do memory games improve memory?

While there have been plenty of studies on what exactly can be done to improve one’s memory, some scientists are skeptical that [Read more...]

Memory Game for BlackBerry Playbook (Video)

Finally, a memory game that’s unique! In this video, you’ll see a demonstration of a great little memory game for BlackBerry Playbook. The game presents a pattern of rune stones. The player must first memorize the pattern before the stones scatter, and then place them back in the same order.

There are timed and untimed modes for playing. If you’ve read my rants elsewhere on this blog, you’ll know how [Read more...]

Memory Game for Girls

You may want to share this memory game for girls with your daughters, nieces, or friends. It’s another one of those matching games with a time limit. You advance to the next level if you complete the matches within the allotted time, but if you’re not fast enough, [Read more...]

Easy Memory Improvement Exercise

If you’ve had a busy day, your mind and your thoughts are very likely in overdrive well into the evening, even as you are trying to fall asleep. There’s an easy memory improvement exercise that gets you to slow down and intentionally recall the details of your day. This exercise has a variety of benefits including better [Read more...]

Memory Game for Spaceship Fans

Here at ImprovingYourMemoryTechniques.com, we enjoy bringing you memory activities with a variety of themes:  Barbra Streisand photos, country flags, bird melodies, celebrity caricatures, Boy Scout symbols, and more. This memory game for spaceship fans at neuroarcade.com is a game that has you matching up a variety of spaceship images. [Read more...]

Barbra Streisand — Memory Game

If you’re a Barbra Streisand fan and want to exercise your memory as well, follow the link [Read more...]

Test Your Memory Quiz

How many times have you said, “I have a bad memory?”  Are you willing to do something about it?  Take the “test your memoryquiz at thelimitlessman.com and use your score as the starting point for your memory improvement journey. (Yes, women can use the same test!) Here’s the first of [Read more...]

Remembering People You Interview (Brain Exercise)

If you’re in Human Resources or a managerial job that requires you to hire people, you already know the challenge of distinguishing between and remembering people you interview.  Here’s a game to help you work on that. Memory Mountain from fitbrains.com gives your visual, short-term, and long-term memory a workout. [Read more...]

How to Memorize Ingredients (Brain Exercise)

If your job involves working in a restaurant, cafeteria, or food-processing plant, you may be wondering how to memorize ingredients or other work-related lists. Even if you’re not in the food industry, but do need some practice with list memorization, try this free memory game called Busy Bistro. It’ll have you working both your short and [Read more...]