Barbra Streisand — Memory Game

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Einstein Learning Techniques (Video)

There is always so much to read at work — emails, proposals, reports, operating procedures, and more. Trying to concentrate can be a challenge. The video below shares a strategy with us that was used by Albert Einstein. Learning techniques that teach us how to  concentrate, wherever and [Read more...]

Lorraine Feather: Singer Loses Her Keys (Video)

If you like jazz music, here’s a video that is bound to change your perspective on lost keys. When Lorraine Feather, singer, loses her keys she writes a song about it. Have a listen. She leaves you [Read more...]

Ellen DeGeneres: Memory Issues (Video)

For a change of pace and a bit of humor, here’s an excerpt from a stand up routine performed by Ellen DeGeneres. Memory issues and forgetfulness happen to all of us. This clip is a few years old, but forgetfulness has not been cured as of [Read more...]

Celebrity Match Game Online

Here on, you’ll find a variety of memory matching games. One that has an extra element of fun is a celebrity match game online from Ocean Breeze Games, using caricatures of celebrities (Cameron Diaz, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, and so on). If the music bothers you, just turn down your speakers. You don’t need the music to play this game.

Celebrity Match Game Online

Go here to play the game.

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Joshua Foer Memory Champion

“The entire art of remembering stuff better in every day life is to take information that lacks context, significance, and meaning and transform it into something that is meaningful in light of all the other things that are meaningful in your mind.”
- Joshua Foer memory champion

This excellent TED Talk video in which Joshua Foer describes the essence of good memory is 20 minutes in length but I think it is well worth the time.

Joshua Foer Memory Champion


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Candice Bergen’s Stroke Caused Memory Loss

Candice Bergen’s Stroke Caused Memory Loss

Candice Bergen’s stroke caused memory loss but she bravely continues acting

It could easily have  proved devastating for her as an actor when Candice Bergen’s stroke caused memory loss.

The profession of acting requires learning a lot of lines. Many actors, whether in a Hollywood movie or on a Broadway stage, use a variety of techniques to learn their lines.

Memorizing lines is that much harder if you have suffered a stroke as has the former star of Murphy Brown, Sex and the City, and Boston Legal. Candice Bergen suffers from memory loss and lack of confidence in her memory as a result of a stroke she now admits having had in 2006.

Candice Bergen’s Stroke Caused Memory Loss

At the time of her stroke, Bergen had a prominent role on the hour long drama “Boston Legal,” and said she only missed two weeks of filming. (Kudos to her “Boston Legal” co-workers for keeping mum on the health scare.)

In the candid interview, Bergen admitted that her memory still is “not quite the same.” Five months ago, she broke her pelvis in a bike riding accident. “Wow, now I can fall and I’ll break,” she recalled thinking.

Bergen is currently playing a disenfranchised First Lady on Broadway, in Gore Vidal’s “The Best Man.” When she was first approached to take the role, she said, she was reluctant.

“I had no confidence in my memory, and I didn’t want to leave my husband, who believes very much in a marriage where you’re present.”

(Bergen has been married to billionaire real estate developer Marshall Rose since 2000).

She agreed to take the role, but had some anxiety about it.

“The closer it got, the more I thought, ‘What have I done? I’m going to go out and make an a88hole of myself!” Bergen told NYMag. “Now, I am so grateful that I did it. Frankly, just not being a shambles onstage.”

Read about her here.

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