Green Tea Enhances Memory

Are you a green tea drinker? According to a new study from the University of Basel in Switzerland, green tea enhances memory. The researchers claim to be the first to prove that green tea benefits memory. Previous studies with green tea have shown benefits in connection [Read more...]

Caffeine Enhances Memory (Video)

It comes as no surprise since you’ve most likely heard it before that caffeine enhances memory.  In a new experiment conducted by Michael Yassa, formerly at Johns Hopkins University, and his team, one cup of strong coffee with 200 milligrams of caffeine, was found to enhance long-term memory. Here’s what made this study as little different than [Read more...]

Omega 3 Fats and the Brain

Well, here’s a surprise from the University of Iowa regarding omega 3 fats and brain health. Just as omega-3s have been promoted as being healthy for our hearts, consuming them (via fish oils and nuts) has in the past also been recommended to maintain brain health. [Read more...]

Alcohol Good For Memory

Memory loss is often associated with the consumption of alcohol. There are countless examples of how drinking impairs memory. Well here’s a new surprise from researchers at Reading University in the UK who found alcohol good for memory. It’s not just any alcohol, but champagne, that contains [Read more...]

Good Tips for Improving Your Memory

Our friends at Woman’s Day magazine share 8 good tips for improving your memory. Here are [Read more...]

Brain Boosting Foods For Memory (Video)

Eat your way to a better memory! Doesn’t that sound easy? Here’s an article from the Food Coach at ABC with great ideas for brain boosting foods for memory.  [Read more...]

Pam Peterson Memory Song (Video)

I think you’ll enjoy Pam Peterson’s sense of humor and find yourself identifying with the memory issues she raises in this video (even if you’re not generally a fan of cabaret style music). She has received critical acclaim for her work. Enjoy Pam Peterson memory song! [Read more...]

Top Brain Foods (Video)

Here’s a wonderful video that quickly highlights the top brain foods for focus, memory, and concentration. Although the narrator is talking to parents about how to feed their children, you’ll find the same advice is as applicable to feeding adults. After all, I don’t know of any food grown in nature that comes with a “for children only” label. [Read more...]

Healthy Foods Feed Your Brain

Healthy foods feed your brain, not just the rest of your body. For maximum performance at work try incorporating these 5 winners. As a reminder, here’s a quick slide show from our friends at HuffPost Healthy Living. [Read more...]

Energy Drinks and Memory

Do energy drinks and memory work well together? Yes and no according to memory expert Ron White. Read about the results he experienced from having an energy drink before a presentation. [Read more...]