Does Taking Photos Help Your Memory?

How often do you whip out your smartphone and quickly take a snap of your friends, a funny situation, an interesting object, or something else? Well, in two tightly controlled studies at Fairfield University in Connecticut, researchers investigated whether photographing objects impacts what people remember about them. Does taking photos help your memory? It seems [Read more...]

Increasing Your IQ

“How did you remember that?” If you have a great memory, you’ve probably gotten this reaction from friends and colleagues — and if you have a great memory, people often think you’re a genius (so to speak). Marketers of brain training games try to promote the connection between memory and intelligence and lead you to believe that while you’re working on improving your short term memory you’re also increasing your IQ.

New research from [Read more...]

Omega 3 Fats and the Brain

Well, here’s a surprise from the University of Iowa regarding omega 3 fats and brain health. Just as omega-3s have been promoted as being healthy for our hearts, consuming them (via fish oils and nuts) has in the past also been recommended to maintain brain health. [Read more...]

Boost Your Brain Power

Today I found an article the site that will help you boost your brain power. It has a few health tips I haven’t seen elsewhere and even though the article is over a year old, you’ll still find them useful. They are as relevant today as they were when [Read more...]

Memory and the Future

If you think memory is all about what went on in the past, you’ll be surprised by research findings from Harvard University and University College London that link memory and the future. Research is still ongoing in order to discover connections between memory and future predictability of creativity, imagination, planning, and [Read more...]

Should You Take Gingko to Boost Your Memory and Concentration?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that I have stayed away from discussing and supporting the use of supplements to improve memory function. One  study says one thing, another study says something [Read more...]

Transform Your Memory Skills

Here at, we’re always looking for easy ways to help you get over the “I can’t remember” hump. Thanks to our friends at, today’s post gives you 75 tips to transform your memory skills that you’ll find really useful. The tips are grouped under [Read more...]

Can Rosemary Enhance Memory?

We were just finishing off a break during one of my workshops when a student came into the room and remarked, “The perfume worn by the receptionist at the front desk reminds me of my grade 2 teacher.” Scent, from many sources, has long been associated with memory. It stimulates the olfactory nerve in the nose, which could effect the way the brain [Read more...]

How to Prepare for Memory Championship

One of the events common to many of the world memory championship competitions is memorizing 1 or  more randomly shuffled deck of cards. This is a particularly difficult task. Just in case you’d like to learn how to prepare for memory championship card events, this article by Tim Ferris in the Huffington Post gives you one technique. You’ll need a few hours, but it just [Read more...]

Daily Activities to Improve Memory

A great article over at our friends at gives us some easy daily activities to improve memory. Whether you’re working at the your computer, or alternatively taking a break from the computer, there are a number of small things you can do throughout [Read more...]