Will My Memory Get Worse After Having A Baby?

Are you wondering whether you (or your spouse, if you’re not the pregnant one) will suffer from memory problems after having a baby? Since, the entire body is affected by pregnancy — both during and afterward — we naturally wonder and worry about what else will be affected.  “Will my memory get worse after having a baby?” A research study described [Read more...]

Why Can I Remember Some Things and Not Others?

Why can I remember some things and not others?

Does this sound familiar? You can remember how to ride a bike, but you can’t remember a list of words you were just given. You can remember the capital cities of all the countries in Europe, but you can’t remember what you ate for dinner last night. The answer lies in how your memory works and in the various types of memory you have. Here is [Read more...]

How is Memory Affected By Stress?

Moving information from our working or short-term memory into our long term memory involves 3 stages. It is easy for stress to interfere with any of these stages — and then there goes [Read more...]

How to Improve Memory at Work

Wondering how to improve memory at work when you’re faced with a whole host of tasks to do and you’re stressed beyond reason? A recent study conducted by University of Washington researchers found that meditation training helped employees with their concentration and memory. [Read more...]

How Can I Protect My Brain?

Memory loss appears to begins in the twenties. (Isn’t that a bummer!) But, if you want to be proactive, the answer to “How can I protect my brain?” may lie in a few of the things you do before, during, and after work. [Read more...]

Which Brain Training Program Should I Buy?

With the current choices of memory and braining training programs out there, it can be confusing when it comes to making a decision. Which brain training program should I buy? Our friends at SharpBrains.com have come up with an excellent program evaluation checklist of 10 [Read more...]

How to Strengthen Your Memory

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could learn a piece of music or another language while we slept? If you want to know how to strengthen your memory, the key appears to be in running a [Read more...]

Who Has Better Memory Retention?

Who has better memory retention — a human or a chimp? Watch this amusing video to find the answer. (This video is a few years old, but well worth watching.)

Who Has Better Memory Retention?

Who has better memory retention — a human or a chimp? This was indeed a challenging memory experiment with a surprising answer.

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How to Memorize a Deck of Shuffled Cards

If you’re planning to compete in a memory championship, one of the tasks you’ll have to know is how to memorize a deck of shuffled cards. In the video below, Nelson Dellis, USA Memory Champion, teaches ABC Nightline’s host Bill Weir how to memorize a set of cards. Bill certainly surprises himself in the process. Well done Bill!

How to Memorize a Deck of Shuffled Cards

I’m delighted to have found this video in which Nelson Dellis clearly explains  how to memorize a deck of shuffled cards. As he does in this lesson, start small with a subset (e.g. just the face cards) and work up from there.

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Memory Technique for Improving Intelligence

There has been considerable debate as to whether or not intelligence (IQ) can be improved. Interestingly, the research does provide a memory technique for improving intelligence known as the N-back or Dual-N-Back. Dr. William Klemm gives us some scientific background for the technique and cites various studies in Psychology Today.

The N-Back Game is a memory technique for improving intelligence.

Memory Technique for Improving Intelligence — Working Memory

Working memory refers to the memory you can consciously hold in your mind at any one instant—such as a phone number you just looked up. Most people can only hold about four totally independent items in their working memory.

Working memory relates to intelligence. The reason is that thinking involves streaming into the brain’s “thought engine” chunks of information held in working memory. The working memory streams in, much like a Web video streams into your computer. The more you can hold in working memory, the more information the brain has to think with—that is, the smarter it can be.

Various techniques are reported in the research literature, and the best results seem to come from n-back methods.

If you’d like to read about the research studies, go here.

Memory Technique for Improving Intelligence — The N-Back Game

The game is challenging and takes considerable practice , but if you’re up for improving your IQ, here are 2 links to get you going.

(1) Instructions to guide you before you tackle the n-back activity

(2) The link to the game.

How often are you playing the game? For how long? Have you noticed any differences in your working memory while using this memory technique for improving intelligence?

Tell us about your experience in the comment section.