Pam Peterson Memory Song (Video)

I think you’ll enjoy Pam Peterson’s sense of humor and find yourself identifying with the memory issues she raises in this video (even if you’re not generally a fan of cabaret style music). She has received critical acclaim for her work. Enjoy Pam Peterson memory song! [Read more...]

Where Are My Lost Car Keys?

When you’re in a rush to get to a meeting — or anywhere for that matter — you’re usually not thinking consciously about where you’ve just been or what you’ve just been doing. In those situations, you’re goal oriented, “Gotta get to the meeting.” Then when it’s time to leave and hurry on to the next item on your schedule, you suddenly stop short if you can’t find your keys. You might get a nervous lurching in your stomach as you question yourself “Where are my lost car keys?’ [Read more...]

I Can’t Find My Keys (Video)

Here’s a little musical interlude for those times when you’re stressed and are tearing your hair out yelling “I can’t find my keys.” Musician Dan Grigor wrote a wonderful little song that even includes audience participation. Go ahead –  pull out your keys and jingle along with Dan — assuming you can find them of course. [Read more...]

Where Did I Leave My Car?

Usually when you’re parking your car, chances are you’re not thinking about the car, you’re thinking about what you’ll be doing next — catching a flight, getting to the ball game, getting into work, shopping, and more. Then later on, you find yourself asking “Where did I leave my car?” and it becomes a frustrating, time-wasting exercise in looking for [Read more...]

I Can’t Remember Where I Parked My Car (Video)

You parked your car, locked it, and sprinted across the parking lot so you wouldn’t be late for your meeting. When you return to the lot, you stand there perplexed, “I can’t remember where I parked my car.” Sound familiar? [Read more...]

Lorraine Feather: Singer Loses Her Keys (Video)

If you like jazz music, here’s a video that is bound to change your perspective on lost keys. When Lorraine Feather, singer, loses her keys she writes a song about it. Have a listen. She leaves you [Read more...]

Where Are My Keys? (Video)

“Where are my keys?” For a little musical diversion when you’re stressed out because you can’t find your keys, your phone, or your glasses, watch this performance from Rapper Zipparah ‘Mr Zip’ Tafari’s on Britain’s Got Talent. [Read more...]

How to Get Around a Mental Block

You can’t remember what’s on the list you left at home or at the office; you can’t find your keys. It’s keeps happening and it’s so frustrating. So now, you’re wondering how to get around a mental block.  Dave Farrow, 2-time Guinness Record [Read more...]

Easy Method For Remembering Where You Put Your Keys

Are you, like many others, looking for an easy method for remembering where you put your keys? How often you do ask yourself “Where did I put my keys/glasses?  Did I remember to lock the front door/turn off the stove?”

These common everyday annoyances can turn into big time wasters if you have to spend time looking for your belongings or even turning around to go back home or [Read more...]