How to Learn Languages

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Memory Systems and Strategies

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How to Remember Definitions of Words

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How to Strengthen Your Memory

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How To Memorize Foreign Sentences

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How Do I Improve My Memory Power?

Don’t expect crossword puzzles, sudoku, or riddles to be the answer to “How do I improve my memory power?” While they do cause you to use your brain, these popular past times don’t change your brain in any way — and changing your brain (making new connections and new neurons) is the key to making it stronger and improving your memory.

How do your change your brain? By learning something new, e.g. a new language, a new musical instrument, a new dance. And no, you’re not to old to learn. Apparently, it is the difficulty and challenge of the new task that keeps your brain young.

How do I improve my memory power?

learning a new instrument is one way to answer "How do I improve my memory power?"

How Do I Improve My Memory Power?

 Dr. Michael Merzenich, a leading scientist in the field of neuroplasticity, has done extensive research on brain plasticity and that our ability to change the brain is possible from birth to death, even when we are elderly.

What he has found is that our brain can grow when learning new skills with intensity challenges it.

If you think about being a child, you were learning something new nearly every day from how to tie your shoe, to the meaning of a word, to why touching a cigarette lighter is a bad idea. Even as a young adult, you were constantly learning about how to balance a checkbook, the ins and outs of your new job, how to diaper a baby, and how to file your taxes. But as we age, we do less of learning brand new things, and instead do more of repeating tasks and skills we have already acquired.

This is one reason why many people often lose cognitive function as they age: their brain hasn’t actually grown in decades. Yes we use our brain all the time, but when was the last time you actually learned something new with great intensity?

Dr. Merzenich is a great proponent of learning a language in old age because in just forcing your brain to be challenged and learn a new skill, all of your cognitive skills will become stronger. Too often we write off learning new things as we age as being too hard, but that difficulty is really what will keep us young.

If  you’d like to read this fascinating article in its entirety, go here.

Don’t ever stop learning new things. Not only will it grow your brain, but it’ll make you a more interesting person — giving you new life experiences, new topics of conversation when you interact with others, and new perspectives on so many things around you. When the topic of “How do I improve my memory power?” comes up in conversation, you’ll have the answer your friends are looking for.

What new things are you learning? Tell us in the comment section below.


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