How to Memorize a List of Words Quickly (Video)

Whether it’s your to-do list at work, characteristics about your clients, your grocery list for a weekend get-together, or a vocabulary list for study purposes, you’ll want to know how to memorize a list of words quickly so you can get on to doing other things. In this video, [Read more...]

Memory Tip: Use Your Body

When you need to remember your to-do list at work or at home and you don’t have your smartphone or a piece of paper handy, try this memory tip: use your body. Associating a crazy vivid picture of one of your to-do list items with a body part will help you remember that particular item. Use a different body part for each item. See the article below for some great examples. [Read more...]

Memory Tip: How to Improve Your Memory Using a Memory Palace (Video)

At  a recent workshop I conducted,  I introduced the Memory Palace technique to my audience. The participants jumped on it immediately and were amazed at what they could recall by the end of the session.

I found a video online that shows you in a simple way how to improve your memory using a memory palace. [Read more...]

Principles for Easy Memorization (Video)

Remembering lists, product information, or policies & procedures will be so much easier for you when you apply 3 principles for easy memorization. Watch this  8-minute video as James Gladwell of provides a good explanation (with examples) of the concepts of association, location, [Read more...]

Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips

In this article you’ll learn about the Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips to help you with everyday list memorization or special occasion foreign language learning. Italy’s Mr. Memory, Gianni Golfera may have a rare talent when it comes to memory, but his methods can be learned by anyone. [Read more...]

Memory Systems and Strategies

Over the years, thousands of people have been trained in memory systems and strategies, yet in general, most people aren’t aware that they can improve the way their brains function when it comes to improving their memory. A system creates an organized way of doing things — and that can be applied to depositing and retrieving information from memory as well as [Read more...]

How to Remember a Long List of Things (Video)

Do you need to remember a long list of things at work — a to-do list, a procedure, a protocol? In the video below, Dave Farrow, 2-time Guinness World Record holder for Greatest Memory teaches us how to remember a long list of things. Although the video is [Read more...]

How a Champion Uses the Memory Palace Technique (Video)

If you’ve done any reading on memory, you’ve probably come across the memory palace technique. It has its origins in ancient Greece and is a current-day indispensable tool for memory champions. In this video, Joshua Foer, USA Memory Champion, shares how a champion uses the memory palace technique to remember a list of words. [Read more...]

How to Memorize a String of Words (Video)

Whether you need to know how to memorize a string of words, or less likely an entire magazine, you’ll find the method described by Ron White in this 9-minute video useful in remembering many things. [Read more...]

How to Remember Your List of Errands

Looking for tips on how to remember your list of errands? If you’ve ever forgotten to drop off some clothes at the dry cleaners or to pick the kids up from school on time, or inadvertently left the grocery coupons on the kitchen table, you’re sure to find an idea or two below you can use. Our friends at Homemakers Daily have obviously been there, done that.

How to Remember Your List of Errands

Have you tried some of these tips on how to remember your list of errands?

… here are some practical things you can do to help yourself remember:

  • Use timers. If you have a short time before you have to do something, use your kitchen timer. I use mine to help me remember to switch the laundry. I use it to remind me when I have to leave for an appointment. The closer it gets to time to leave, the more apt I am to forget. So I set the timer to remind me I need to leave.
  • Use the reminders/alarms on your cell phone.
  • Put post-it notes in strategic places. My daughter was over the other day and I wanted her to take home her doll cradle and her sewing machine. I forgot the week before so I wrote a post-it note and put it on the front door. When I worked full-time, we used to order lunch every week. Sometimes I ordered extra for my husband’s lunch the next day. But I almost always forgot to go to the kitchen and get it before I went home. So I started putting a post-it note on my keys. I never left work without my keys, so when I reached for them, the note was there reminding me to grab the food. Worked like a charm. I also put post-it notes on my steering wheel, my laptop, my debit card, my phone, my purse, the outside of my planner when it’s closed – you name it.

For the entire list of tips, go here.

This is  great list of ideas on how to remember your list of errands. When I’m at home, I use the timer on my oven. I’m also a lover of sticky notes and I put them everywhere — the front door, the kitchen cupboards, the bathroom mirror — even on the dashboard of my car.

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