Memory Game for BlackBerry Playbook (Video)

Finally, a memory game that’s unique! In this video, you’ll see a demonstration of a great little memory game for BlackBerry Playbook. The game presents a pattern of rune stones. The player must first memorize the pattern before the stones scatter, and then place them back in the same order.

There are timed and untimed modes for playing. If you’ve read my rants elsewhere on this blog, you’ll know how [Read more...]

Brain Boosting Foods For Memory (Video)

Eat your way to a better memory! Doesn’t that sound easy? Here’s an article from the Food Coach at ABC with great ideas for brain boosting foods for memory.  [Read more...]

Principles for Easy Memorization (Video)

Remembering lists, product information, or policies & procedures will be so much easier for you when you apply 3 principles for easy memorization. Watch this  8-minute video as James Gladwell of provides a good explanation (with examples) of the concepts of association, location, [Read more...]

Learning and Remembering Names (Video)

Memory expert Ron White helps us discover techniques for learning and remembering names in the [Read more...]

Memory Training for Names and Faces (Video)

In some jobs, such as police work, remembering names & faces is critical. Here is an excerpt from a memory training for names and faces program given to a group of executive police officers. The techniques can be applied in any situation — business networking, meeting new [Read more...]

Pam Peterson Memory Song (Video)

I think you’ll enjoy Pam Peterson’s sense of humor and find yourself identifying with the memory issues she raises in this video (even if you’re not generally a fan of cabaret style music). She has received critical acclaim for her work. Enjoy Pam Peterson memory song! [Read more...]

Tom Rush the Remember Song (Video)

Here at ImprovingYourMemoryTechniques, we like to add some humor and music to the frustrations of memory lapses whenever we can. It’s an older video, but what we tend to forget hasn’t changed much over time. I think you’ll enjoy Tom Rush the Remember Song. [Read more...]

Top Brain Foods (Video)

Here’s a wonderful video that quickly highlights the top brain foods for focus, memory, and concentration. Although the narrator is talking to parents about how to feed their children, you’ll find the same advice is as applicable to feeding adults. After all, I don’t know of any food grown in nature that comes with a “for children only” label. [Read more...]

I Can’t Find My Keys (Video)

Here’s a little musical interlude for those times when you’re stressed and are tearing your hair out yelling “I can’t find my keys.” Musician Dan Grigor wrote a wonderful little song that even includes audience participation. Go ahead –  pull out your keys and jingle along with Dan — assuming you can find them of course. [Read more...]

Tips to Increase Memory Power (Video)

This video gives you some specific concrete tips to increase memory power. Sharpening your concentration and increasing your memory is bound to make a noticeable difference for you at work. [Read more...]