I Can’t Remember Where I Parked My Car (Video)

You parked your car, locked it, and sprinted across the parking lot so you wouldn’t be late for your meeting. When you return to the lot, you stand there perplexed, “I can’t remember where I parked my car.” Sound familiar? [Read more...]

How to Remember a Long List of Things (Video)

Do you need to remember a long list of things at work — a to-do list, a procedure, a protocol? In the video below, Dave Farrow, 2-time Guinness World Record holder for Greatest Memory teaches us how to remember a long list of things. Although the video is [Read more...]

Einstein Learning Techniques (Video)

There is always so much to read at work — emails, proposals, reports, operating procedures, and more. Trying to concentrate can be a challenge. The video below shares a strategy with us that was used by Albert Einstein. Learning techniques that teach us how to  concentrate, wherever and [Read more...]

Lorraine Feather: Singer Loses Her Keys (Video)

If you like jazz music, here’s a video that is bound to change your perspective on lost keys. When Lorraine Feather, singer, loses her keys she writes a song about it. Have a listen. She leaves you [Read more...]

Ellen DeGeneres: Memory Issues (Video)

For a change of pace and a bit of humor, here’s an excerpt from a stand up routine performed by Ellen DeGeneres. Memory issues and forgetfulness happen to all of us. This clip is a few years old, but forgetfulness has not been cured as of [Read more...]

Where Are My Keys? (Video)

“Where are my keys?” For a little musical diversion when you’re stressed out because you can’t find your keys, your phone, or your glasses, watch this performance from Rapper Zipparah ‘Mr Zip’ Tafari’s on Britain’s Got Talent. [Read more...]

Techniques for Better Memory at Work (Video)

In this video, memory expert Dr. Cynthia Green suggests techniques for better memory at work. Changing things up, rearranging our desks, doodling during a meeting, and taking courses are all things we can do to stimulate our brains. [Read more...]

How to Memorize a String of Words (Video)

Whether you need to know how to memorize a string of words, or less likely an entire magazine, you’ll find the method described by Ron White in this 9-minute video useful in remembering many things. [Read more...]

Songs to Help Kids Memorize the Books of the Bible

If you’re looking for songs to help kids memorize the books of the bible, you’ll enjoy this upbeat video from the Go Fish Guys! You can’t help but bop along with it. [Read more...]

How Can I Remember Names Better? (Video)

Today we’re going to look at a question that comes up quite frequently, “How can I remember names better?” When you think about it, there’s nothing more important to someone’s identity than their name. We can make other people feel good (and impress them as well)  if we remember their names the next time we meet them — whether it’s in business, social situations, or [Read more...]