Blanking Out Under Stress (Video)

Does your memory ever let you down when you’re stressed? It’s a very common phenomenon blanking out under stress — whether you’re about to give a presentation, start an important task or procedure at work, or write a test for training or certification purposes.

Watch the video below for a ridiculously simple tip from Dave Farrow [Read more...]

How Will Music Help Me Remember?

Humans have been singing ballads, religious hymns, and cultural music for thousands of years. They have remembered and passed these creations on to each generation, who have in turn remembered them and passed them along. Children learn their alphabet easily as a song “A-B-C-D-E-F-G…” Music makes remembering that much easier. Somehow rhythm and tune cause words to spill out of your mouth — even if you were certain you couldn’t remember a particular song.

How will music help me remember? The how is less important. As a memory technique, what’s important is [Read more...]

Memory Tip: Use Your Body

When you need to remember your to-do list at work or at home and you don’t have your smartphone or a piece of paper handy, try this memory tip: use your body. Associating a crazy vivid picture of one of your to-do list items with a body part will help you remember that particular item. Use a different body part for each item. See the article below for some great examples. [Read more...]

Memory Tip: How to Improve Your Memory Using a Memory Palace (Video)

At  a recent workshop I conducted,  I introduced the Memory Palace technique to my audience. The participants jumped on it immediately and were amazed at what they could recall by the end of the session.

I found a video online that shows you in a simple way how to improve your memory using a memory palace. [Read more...]

Super Brain Yoga® Improves Memory (Video)

Do you want a clear mind and better memory? Consider Super Brain Yoga® , a quick and easy exercise you can do many times a day. Dr. Eric B. Robins, a Los Angeles area physician, explains how Super Brain Yoga® improves memory and [Read more...]

Top Brain Foods (Video)

Here’s a wonderful video that quickly highlights the top brain foods for focus, memory, and concentration. Although the narrator is talking to parents about how to feed their children, you’ll find the same advice is as applicable to feeding adults. After all, I don’t know of any food grown in nature that comes with a “for children only” label. [Read more...]

Making Learning Memorable

Making learning memorable has always been and continues to be a long running challenge in training situations. Training sessions that teach folks about policies, procedures, and regulations are usually dull and boring. Consider these 7 keys to [Read more...]

Will Playing Chess Help My Memory Develop?

Much is written about the game of chess and the many mental benefits it provides. Here at Improving Your Memory Techniques, we are particularly interested in the answer to the question “Will playing chess help my memory develop?” Although children are encouraged to learn to play the game, adults benefit as well. [Read more...]

Memory Game for Music Online

Here at Improving Your Memory Techniques, we look for a variety of memory games to stimulate your brain. This memory game for music online brings an added level of complexity and challenge. In addition to testing your visual memory, it tests your ability to remember the musical notes you hear.

Memory Game for Music Online

Make sure you have the sound turned up on your computer when you play the game. (Alternatively, you could turn off the sound and play the visual memory part of the game only.)   Here is the link for Memory Box from our friends at Logo Games.

How did you do at this memory game for music online? You’ll get better with practice. So be sure to come back to this post and follow the link to the game again.

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Learning the 3 Times Table the Easy Way

Using a song, especially a  well-known tune, makes learning multiplication tables fun. I found a cute video that borrows the tune from “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain” as a way of learning the 3 times table the easy way.

Learning the 3 Times Table the Easy Way

What do you think of this method for learning the 3 times table the easy way? Tell us in the comment section.