Fist Clenching and Memory

We generally associate fist clenching in adults with stress, anger, or frustration. Well, here’s a new twist on it. Fist clenching and memory have a positive relationship.  A study published in the Plos One journal suggests clenching your fist could play a role in how well you remember [Read more...]

Better Memory and Concentration (Video)

Although this video is a few years old, it provides an exercise for better memory and concentration that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Fast forward to the 1-minute 45 second mark (past the promo stuff) so you can get to the exercise right away. Although the practice is specifically for concentration, [Read more...]

Improve Your Memory Using Facebook

Would you believe that you can improve your memory using Facebook? A graduate student at the University of Arizona has been studying ways in which using Facebook might benefit older adults. Elsewhere on this blog, you’ve read about [Read more...]

Exercising Your Mind

What would happen if you lost your electronic gadgets and had to rely on your memory for dates, appointments, and other important information? Could you do it? Even with the use of computers, calculators, and so on, it’s a good idea to keep your mind sharp and spend some time each and every day exercising your mind. Our friends over at [Read more...]

Daily Activities to Improve Memory

A great article over at our friends at gives us some easy daily activities to improve memory. Whether you’re working at the your computer, or alternatively taking a break from the computer, there are a number of small things you can do throughout [Read more...]

Super Brain Yoga® Improves Memory (Video)

Do you want a clear mind and better memory? Consider Super Brain Yoga® , a quick and easy exercise you can do many times a day. Dr. Eric B. Robins, a Los Angeles area physician, explains how Super Brain Yoga® improves memory and [Read more...]

Easy Memory Improvement Exercise

If you’ve had a busy day, your mind and your thoughts are very likely in overdrive well into the evening, even as you are trying to fall asleep. There’s an easy memory improvement exercise that gets you to slow down and intentionally recall the details of your day. This exercise has a variety of benefits including better [Read more...]

How Does Eye Contact Help Memory?

If you’ve been reading about how to remember their names when you meet new people, you may have adopted techniques which have been recycled many times by many authors. Some  of those strategies may work for you –  others, not so much.

In an article from Psychology Today, we found research studies and subsequent tips suggesting that we ignore changeable characteristics (such as hair or clothing) and instead, focus on people’s eyes when trying to remember their names. How does eye contact help memory? Read on for a few new tips. [Read more...]

Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips

In this article you’ll learn about the Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips to help you with everyday list memorization or special occasion foreign language learning. Italy’s Mr. Memory, Gianni Golfera may have a rare talent when it comes to memory, but his methods can be learned by anyone. [Read more...]

Where Did I Leave My Car?

Usually when you’re parking your car, chances are you’re not thinking about the car, you’re thinking about what you’ll be doing next — catching a flight, getting to the ball game, getting into work, shopping, and more. Then later on, you find yourself asking “Where did I leave my car?” and it becomes a frustrating, time-wasting exercise in looking for [Read more...]