Memory Systems and Strategies

Over the years, thousands of people have been trained in memory systems and strategies, yet in general, most people aren’t aware that they can improve the way their brains function when it comes to improving their memory. A system creates an organized way of doing things — and that can be applied to depositing and retrieving information from memory as well as [Read more...]

How to Remember Dates

Forgetting a friend’s birthday or an important anniversary is bound to get you into trouble. Why do you forget? Probably because dates and numbers aren’t particularly exciting or noteworthy. I think you’ll find this short little article from on how to remember dates helpful. [Read more...]

Making Learning Memorable

Making learning memorable has always been and continues to be a long running challenge in training situations. Training sessions that teach folks about policies, procedures, and regulations are usually dull and boring. Consider these 7 keys to [Read more...]

Effective Techniques to Improve Memory

I have a particular passion for helping my audiences retain what they are learning. I found a great article on  listing 5 effective techniques to improve memory. I have chosen 2 strategies, (1) chunking, and (2) bedtime recital,  that I think you’ll find particularly useful. [Read more...]

Best Technique to Improve Focus Concentration

It may be summer vacation for most students, but many are still diligently attending summer school. When the outside calls to you and you’d rather be biking, swimming, or enjoying the weather in some other way, you may be lacking motivation when it comes to studying for those summer exams. Here is the best technique to improve focus concentration from Dave Farrow, 2-time Guinness Record holder for greatest memory [Read more...]

Memory Game for Music Online

Here at Improving Your Memory Techniques, we look for a variety of memory games to stimulate your brain. This memory game for music online brings an added level of complexity and challenge. In addition to testing your visual memory, it tests your ability to remember the musical notes you hear.

Memory Game for Music Online

Make sure you have the sound turned up on your computer when you play the game. (Alternatively, you could turn off the sound and play the visual memory part of the game only.)   Here is the link for Memory Box from our friends at Logo Games.

How did you do at this memory game for music online? You’ll get better with practice. So be sure to come back to this post and follow the link to the game again.

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Memory Game Faces

How good are you at remembering the individual features of someone’s face? I found a challenging online memory game. Faces can really test our powers of observation and recall– see how well you do.

Memory Game Faces

Try this memory game. Faces can really test our powers of recall.

This simple face memory game not only improves your ability to remember faces, but really teaches you to pay attention to detail. After all, you can’t remember something if you never fully noticed it in the first place.

Be sure to scroll down and read all the instructions before trying the game. Then challenge yourself.

Practice this game once a day, and your memory for all types of information will improve. Once you learn to pay attention to the details around you in everyday life, you will notice your memory is better too.

You have to first really see a thing to remember a thing.

Start a competition with your friends to play this memory game. Faces will challenge them too.

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How to Memorize the Periodic Table Fast

Here at Improving Your Memory Techniques, we strive to bring you a variety of memory techniques. Why? Because we recognize that one method might work well for you, whereas a different method may work better for someone else. For chemistry students, here is a technique called memory pegging that helps you learn how to memorize the periodic table fast. [Read more...]

Does Memory Practice Really Work for Children with ADHD?

A study performed at the University of Oslo indicates that memory exercises will not lead to better performance for anything other than the specific tasks used in the tests. Does memory practice really work for children with ADHD? According to this study, training the brain doesn’t seem to help [Read more...]

How to Memorize a Poem in One Day

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