How Does Eye Contact Help Memory?

If you’ve been reading about how to remember their names when you meet new people, you may have adopted techniques which have been recycled many times by many authors. Some  of those strategies may work for you –  others, not so much.

In an article from Psychology Today, we found research studies and subsequent tips suggesting that we ignore changeable characteristics (such as hair or clothing) and instead, focus on people’s eyes when trying to remember their names. How does eye contact help memory? Read on for a few new tips. [Read more...]

Learning and Remembering Names (Video)

Memory expert Ron White helps us discover techniques for learning and remembering names in the [Read more...]

Memory Training for Names and Faces (Video)

In some jobs, such as police work, remembering names & faces is critical. Here is an excerpt from a memory training for names and faces program given to a group of executive police officers. The techniques can be applied in any situation — business networking, meeting new [Read more...]

Memory Systems and Strategies

Over the years, thousands of people have been trained in memory systems and strategies, yet in general, most people aren’t aware that they can improve the way their brains function when it comes to improving their memory. A system creates an organized way of doing things — and that can be applied to depositing and retrieving information from memory as well as [Read more...]

Remembering People You Interview (Brain Exercise)

If you’re in Human Resources or a managerial job that requires you to hire people, you already know the challenge of distinguishing between and remembering people you interview.  Here’s a game to help you work on that. Memory Mountain from gives your visual, short-term, and long-term memory a workout. [Read more...]

Best Tip for Remembering Names

Here at we strive to bring you the best memory tips to make your work and business life a whole lot easier. Remembering colleagues’ names and customers’ names can be a daunting task — especially if you deal with a lot of people every day. I found the best tip for remembering names on [Read more...]

Franklin D. Roosevelt, His Memory Technique to Remember Names Easily

Someone who was famous for having an amazing memory for names and faces was Franklin D. Roosevelt. His memory technique to remember names easily involved visualizing the person’s name written out on their [Read more...]

Online Game for Remembering Names and Faces

A business networking event, a conference, a social event — so many faces and so many names to remember (or forget)! An online game for remembering names and faces is an easy and no-risk way to practice. If you get it wrong, there’s no embarrassment. In the privacy of your own home/office, you can go back and practice again and again until you’ve mastered the memory technique. [Read more...]

Exercise for Remembering Names and Faces

That face, that face. I know that face.
But, what’s her name, and what’s his name?

- Ida Shessel

try this exercise for remembering names and faces

As my little memory chant implies, remembering faces doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem as putting a name to the face. Try this exercise for remembering names and faces from [Read more...]

How to Get Better at Remembering Names

It’s a common challenge: how to get better at remembering names. We are always looking for strategies that will help us avoid embarrassment when we can’t remember the names of business prospects, the neighbor next door, the relative of our best friend, and so on.

you'll avoid embarrassment when you know how to get better at remembering names

Here are the first 3 steps of a 6-step method from our friends at Freedom Personal Development.

How to Get Better at Remembering Names

1 – OBSERVE the person by making good eye contact. Select a facial feature that is striking, noticeable, unusual etc.

2 – LISTEN to the name. REPEAT the name to make sure you heard it correctly and are pronouncing it correctly. Use the name two or three times during your initial greeting.

3 – TURN the first and last NAME INTO AN IMAGE using your rules for changing abstracts into IMAGES. (Hint: Asking questions about the person’s name helps tremendously when developing your pictures.)

You can read about the entire 6 steps here.

Try this technique of how to get better at remembering names and tell us how it worked for you. Go ahead and share it too.