What’s Better Than Coffee for Memory Improvement?

Grabbing a cup of java when you’re on-the-go may no doubt be convenient (unless you have to stand in a long lineup). It may also make you more alert and energetic, but when it comes to boosting your memory performance for longer periods of time what’s better than coffee for memory improvement? A personal experiment reported on [Read more...]

Will My Memory Improve If I Lose Weight? (Video)

Will My Memory Improve If I Lose Weight? I recently found the following video in which Dr. John Gunstad, associate professor of psychology at Kent State University, describes the results of a study he ran 2 years ago in which memory was improved by losing weight. [Read more...]

Memory Tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind?

Do you practice yoga? If not, it may be worth getting into — and not just for the physical benefits. Today’s memory tip: How Does Yoga Help Your Mind? is about the benefits of using it when you have a demanding mental load ahead of you. [Read more...]

Walking or Weight Lifting

If you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you already understand the benefits of exercise when it comes to keeping your memory strong. A question that you’ve most likely heard often in regard to a different topic (specifically, weight loss) also comes up when we look at memory and exercise. Which is better walking or weight lifting? [Read more...]

Does Exercise Increase Brain Power?

Want to improve your memory, focus, and mental performance? Forgo that cup of coffee at work, and instead, engage in a few minutes of exercise. Does exercise increase brain power? Apparently so, according to research published recently in [Read more...]

Super Brain Yoga® Improves Memory (Video)

Do you want a clear mind and better memory? Consider Super Brain Yoga® , a quick and easy exercise you can do many times a day. Dr. Eric B. Robins, a Los Angeles area physician, explains how Super Brain Yoga® improves memory and [Read more...]

Exercise, Memory, and Workplace Productivity

As a manager, I’m guessing that it has never occurred to you to encourage your staff to exercise. You know exercise is good for you, but did you know it’s also good for business? Exercise, memory, and workplace productivity go [Read more...]

Benefits of Short Bursts of Exercise on Memory

What a great way to improve memory without the use of medication! Anyone, any time can attain the benefits of short bursts of exercise on memory. Whether it’s a short bike ride, a walk, a few dance steps, or [Read more...]

Tai Chi Improves Memory

If you’re tired of the frequently promoted boot camp type work outs and are looking for a gentler more relaxing way to stay in shape, you may want to try Tai Chi. In addition to the physical benefits of Tai Chi, a study out of the University of Florida (in conjunction with Fudan University in China) reported that Tai Chi improves memory, increases the size of the brain, and enhances [Read more...]

Which is Better: Aerobic or Resistance Training?

“Which is better: aerobic or resistance training?” When it comes to general fitness, experts tell us we need both. What about improving memory — does the type of exercise we choose impact the functioning of our memory? Apparently, it does. [Read more...]