Daily Activities to Improve Memory

A great article over at our friends at Health.com gives us some easy daily activities to improve memory. Whether you’re working at the your computer, or alternatively taking a break from the computer, there are a number of small things you can do throughout your day.

Daily Activities to Improve Memory

Change your font
Making text slightly harder to read is actually good for the brain, according to one study. You can do this by changing the font on your computer, adding bold or italics, or moving a page away from your face so the text appears smaller. In fact, there are any number of ways to achieve the effect, says study co-author Daniel Oppenheimer, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Princeton University. But don’t make the task too difficult, cautions Oppenheimer. “That would be detrimental rather than helpful,” he says.


Writing by hand is just one of the daily activities to improve memory you can incorporate into your work day.

Write by hand
Foregoing the keyboard for pen and paper may actually be better for the brain, according to a study in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. People are better at remembering the orientation of a new character if they write the characters by hand rather than type them on a computer keyboard, the study found. And research in children has shown that writing with pen and paper activates more regions of the brain than simply tapping a keyboard.

Read out loud
Reading a book or the newspaper out loud stimulates different parts of the brain than reading silently to yourself, says Buse. “That’s the key to all this, keeping different parts of the brain healthy and active and keeping blood flowing through them rather than breaking down connections,” she says. It’s good for public safety too. Airline pilots remember their check lists better if they read them out loud, even without someone else in the cockpit.

For the rest of the list, go here.

Let us know which of these daily activities to improve memory you’ve tried and let us know how it’s working for you.

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