Easy Memory Improvement Exercise

If you’ve had a busy day, your mind and your thoughts are very likely in overdrive well into the evening, even as you are trying to fall asleep. There’s an easy memory improvement exercise that gets you to slow down and intentionally recall the details of your day. This exercise has a variety of benefits including better concentration, visualization, and observation.

Easy Memory Improvement Exercise

Try this easy memory improvement exercise before going to sleep.

Try doing this mental exercise over a 4 week period and you should notice an improvement in your short and long term memory.
When you are ready to go to sleep, go over what you did that day from the time you got up until you get into bed. Start with the time you awoke, got out of bed, follow your entire day step by step until the time you went back to bed. Try to recall as much detail as possible, visualizing in your mind each and every step from beginning to end.

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This is a great exercise! Anybody can do. It’s an easy memory improvement exercise that doesn’t require learning any special techniques. Give it a try and tell us how it’s working for you.  Click share and let your friends in on it, too.




    It is a very easy method .

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