Easy Method for Remembering Your PIN

When you get a new PIN (for your credit card, your bank card, your alarm system, and so on), it often takes a few weeks before it is firmly entrenched in your mind. An easy method for remembering your PIN is the Number Rhyme system described by our friends at The Skillful Brain.

Easy Method for Remembering Your PIN

the Number Rhyme system is an easy method for remembering your PIN

The Number Rhyme system works by creating a simple rule for converting a single digit into a real thing that is more easily remembered. Unlike the Major System or the Person Association technique, the Number Rhyme system uses rhymes to do the conversion from a digit to a number.

I find it useful to think about number rhymes ahead of time. It can be surprisingly hard to come up with a rhyme for the digit seven when you need it!

Consider the following possible list of rhymes:

Digit                  Rhyming Word

zero                        hero
one                         bun or gun
two                         shoe
three                      tree
four                        door
five                         hive
six                           pics or sticks
seven                     heaven
eight                      crate or gate
nine                        wine or vine

The number 3681 becomes Tree-Sticks-Crate-Gun. Surprisingly, many people can stop there. Your brain will remember Tree-Sticks-Crate-Gun better than it will remember 3681.

A next step might be to repeat once or twice in your head “Three six eight one, Tree Sticks Crate Gun!”

To go a step further, create a scene or story composed of a tree, sticks, crate, and gun.

“There is a tree standing in the middle of the park. A big, violent wind storm comes, and shakes the tree back and forth. A bunch of dead branches fall to the ground. A man wearing an orange hat comes along, looks at the sticks on the ground for a minute, and then comes back later with a crate. He puts the sticks in the crate, and labels it ‘For Sale: Toy Guns’.”

You can read the entire post here.

Try this easy method for remembering your PIN and let us know how it works for you.



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