Effective Techniques to Improve Memory

I have a particular passion for helping my audiences retain what they are learning. I found a great article on Psychology4all.com  listing 5 effective techniques to improve memory. I have chosen 2 strategies, (1) chunking, and (2) bedtime recital,  that I think you’ll find particularly useful.

choose 1 of the effective techniques to improve memory and keep practicing it until it becomes a habit

Effective Techniques to Improve Memory


Perhaps Chunking is the oldest method used in memorization. In this method, the items to be memorized are divided into small and easily memorizable chunks or groups. This method works best when the order of the items is not important.

This method is found to be particularly well suited for memorizing multi-digit numbers (eg., ID nos., telephone nos., etc.) and for committing complicated spellings to memory.


  1. The number 472627607 may be memorized easily if it is grouped as 472, 627,607 or as 47, 26, 27,607.
    These chunks may then be learned by rote. Learning and retention are much facilitated if you further explore the nos. by finding some relationship among these different chunks. Finding the
    digital root will also be helpful. The more explorations or relations you do, the better.
  2. Words like mathematics may be divided into mat +he +mat +ics, Together may be divided into to + get + her; Important may be divided into im + port + ant. This technique will make us learn much faster.
  3. The list Apple, cucumber, paper, ink, cabbage, banana, grapes, beans, stapler, orange can be better learned by rearranging and applying chunking as :-
    Apple, banana, grapes, orange, cucumber, cabbage, beans, paper, ink, stapler
    – 4 fruits, 3 vegitables and 3 stationary items.

If possible, organize the material as meaningfully as you can and think out relationships among each group. This not only improves learnability and retention but also aids in faster and effortless recollection.

Bed-time Recital

In this technique, you do your recital or rote learning just before going to bed. The mind in the process of sleeping would then arrange the information in a systematic and effective way when you are sleeping. Psychologists have also found that if you sleep after thinking about your problems there is a better chance that you arrive at a solution the next day.

Steps for Memory Improvement

  1. Be in a relaxed mood
  2. Write down the things that you are supposed to remember in a piece of paper.
  3. Read it aloud (if possible) once or twice and recite it two to three times.
  4. Now go to sleep without worrying or thinking about anything.

You will surely retain the item longer and find it more easy to recall it when in need.

If you’d like to find out about the other 3 strategies, go here.

Choosing one of the effective techniques to improve memory and consciously practicing it for 3 weeks will create a habit that becomes permanent. Tell us how the technique you’ve chosen is working for you.

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