Energy Drinks and Memory

Do energy drinks and memory work well together? Yes and no according to memory expert Ron White. Read about the results he experienced from having an energy drink before a presentation.

Energy Drinks and Memory

energy drinks and memory may be a bad combination

1st the great. Caffeine or energy drinks will focus your brain intentionally and allow you to memorize much more info in a short amount of time than without the energy (as a rule and if you don’t abuse it). I must have memorized 250 names in an audience in about 60 minutes (maybe 90). Then I went through and repeated all the names. That was awesome.

Now the aweful… am a speaker…so if all I had to do was memorize fine…but I also had to teach a 60 minute class and wow oh wow….I was talking like the world’s fastest talker, skipping stuff…I even used profanity on stage!!

Read more about Ron’s experiment here.

So I think we can see that energy drinks and memory are a risky combo. They may help your short-term memory but you may lose control of the entire situation. Do you really want to take a chance?

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