Exercising Your Mind

What would happen if you lost your electronic gadgets and had to rely on your memory for dates, appointments, and other important information? Could you do it? Even with the use of computers, calculators, and so on, it’s a good idea to keep your mind sharp and spend some time each and every day exercising your mind. Our friends over at mymemoryimprovementtips.com have suggested a list of 10 activities to get you started.

Exercising Your Mind

Play games, learn a new language, or  -- . These are all great activities for exercising your mind.

Exercising your mind can be fun, especially if you challenge your friends to a competition.

(1). Memorize Your Grocery List
(2). While Shopping Keep A Mental Total Of Your Items
(3). Memorize Phone Numbers In Sets Of 10 (friends & family)
(4). Play Board Games
(5). Pick Up A New Hobby (make it challenging mentally)
(6). Take 10 Minutes A Day To Memorize Names Of Places Around The Globe
(7). Shuffle A Deck Of Cards And Memorize As Many Dealt Off The Top As You Can
(8). Remember Facts Or Figures In Reverse Order
(9). Memorize The Lyrics Of New Songs
(10). Try Learning A New Language

To read more about doing puzzles and playing memory games, go here.

Share this list with friends and challenge them to a competition. Have some fun while you’re exercising your mind.


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