Free Online Memory Techniques

I’ve recently discovered that our friends at have offered up a collection of free online memory techniques from the pool of content in their Ultimate Memory program. You can take advantage of this no-cost opportunity to hone your memory skills — whether it’s to improve your work life or your personal life. These exercises are scientifically designed, can be done in any order and as often as you like. Importantly, they don’t take up very much time.

Free Online Memory Techniques

The lessons include an article on each of the following topics:

  •     Cognitive Exercises
  •     Play Games
  •     Mnemonics
  •     Visualization
  •     Use It Instead of Devices and Tools
  •     Reduce Stress
  •     Get Enough Rest
  •     Diet
  •     Exercise
  •     Supplements

The videos run between 7 and 11 minutes each.

  •     Memory Training – Even Memorize An Entire Speech
  •     Memory Improvement Techniques – Remember Words, Language, and More
  •     Increase Memory – Remember Quotes Word-For-Word!
  •     Improve Your Memory – Have a Fit Mind!
  •     Memory Techniques – Remembering Lists and More
  •     How To Improve Memory – Food For Thought
  •     Improve Memory – Avoid Memory Robbers!

You can access all the lessons and videos here.

Share these free online memory techniques with friends, family, and business colleagues.

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