Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips

In this article you’ll learn about the Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips to help you with everyday list memorization or special occasion foreign language learning. Italy’s Mr. Memory, Gianni Golfera may have a rare talent when it comes to memory, but his methods can be learned by anyone.

Golfera Method — Memory Tips

The EMBASI method:

Golfera Method — 3 Memory Tips: to remember the number 2, use exaggeration, bizarre association, & sentimental involvement

Use the power of imagination. To recall, say, the number two in a list, visualise a swan (the shape of a two).

Use Exaggeration – make it a giant swan.

Use Movement – visualise it swimming.

Use Bizarre Association – visualise the swan talking.

Use Sentimental Involvement – it’s your grandma’s pet swan.

How to remember foreign vocabulary:

Associate a word with an image that sounds similar and corresponds to the English meaning. For example, the Italian word macchina, which means car, can be remembered by visualising a car in the driveway wearing a mac to protect it from the rain. “Macintosh” sounds similar to macchina and the image will be the trigger that helps you to remember the word.

The word scarpa, Italian for shoe, can be recalled by imagining a shoe jumping up and down on the carpet. Carpet sounds similar to scarpa.

The word porta, “door”, can be recalled by visualising a porter holding your front door open for you.

How to remember a long list:

Imagine a room you know well, a sitting room, bedroom or office. Visualise items on your list at certain points in your room – on the bed, table, etc.

Later, to remember your list, take a “mental tour”. This can be expanded by opening doors into other rooms, to store other groups of information.

If you’d like to read more about Gianni Golfera, go here.

Although these methods aren’t new, it’s always good to have additional examples that help you put the techniques into practice. I especially like the EMBASI method as it takes similar strategies a step further by adding sentimental involvement.

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