Healthy Foods Feed Your Brain

Healthy foods feed your brain, not just the rest of your body. For maximum performance at work try incorporating these 5 winners. As a reminder, here’s a quick slide show from our friends at HuffPost Healthy Living.

Healthy Foods Feed Your Brain

healthy foods feed your brain — yes, and that includes dark chocolate!

Go here for the slide show.

It’s easy to fit these foods into your day:

Add berries to your breakfast or have them as a snack.

Have a small (!) piece of dark chocolate as a quick pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Add olive oil to your salad or veggies at lunchtime instead of a bottled dressing full of chemicals.

If you replace one of your vanilla lattes with green tea, you’ll benefit your budget, your brain, and your waistline.

Toss some almonds into your cereal in the morning or have a small handful as a brain boost any time of the day.

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