How Do I Remember Better?

Why do I forget things and how do I remember better? Our friends at Memrise (the free online learning community for languages, art history, cheese, and so much more) use brain science to help folks just like you learn and retain all sorts of information. It’s good to be aware of why you forget something in order to help yourself find solutions.

How Do I Remember Better?

How do I remember better?

Sometimes we forget because we didn’t form much of a memory in the first place.

For instance, if you think you’re bad at remembering people’s names, it could just be that there’s so much going on at the moment when you first meet them that you simply weren’t paying enough attention when they introduced themselves.

See Ed Cooke’s piece on remembering where you left your keys - he does a great job of showing how to pay closer attention and form stronger, more vivid and differentiable memories.

Learn to form more vivid, differentiable memories in the first place.

Try and generate better, richer and more various cues when you’re trying to remember. (It often helps to think back to where you were when you first learned things.)

Occasionally reactivate old memories – recalling them is the best way to cement them.

Go to the article to find out more reasons you forget things and how to fix it.

I always feel a little better when I know the reason behind something negative that happens. It’s a good starting point for moving forward to find a solution. So try asking and then answering  this question, “Now that I know why I forget, what am I going to do about it? How do I remember better in the future?” I’d suggest using the ideas in this article and then searching other posts in this blog.

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