How Does Eye Contact Help Memory?

If you’ve been reading about how to remember their names when you meet new people, you may have adopted techniques which have been recycled many times by many authors. Some  of those strategies may work for you –  others, not so much.

In an article from Psychology Today, we found research studies and subsequent tips suggesting that we ignore changeable characteristics (such as hair or clothing) and instead, focus on people’s eyes when trying to remember their names. How does eye contact help memory? Read on for a few new tips.

How Does Eye Contact Help Memory?

How Does Eye Contact Help Memory? Focus on the eyes. Other characteristics of the person can change. Eyes do not.

1. Look at the person’s eyes. The face itself, and specifically the eyes, contain the window not just to the soul, but to good face memory.  The eyes are a feature of a person least likely to vary over time or under different circumstances.  Apart from the aging process, which adds a few wrinkles here and there, people’s eyes don’t really change. By focusing on this non-varying piece of anatomy, you’ll be less tricked by changes in hair length or color, clothing (which definitely changes), and even body shape and height (which also change).

How Does Eye Contact Help Memory? Practice with Celebrities

5. Practice the face-name game at home. Practicing celeb’s names is a low-risk way to enhance your face memory skills.  As you’re watching your favorite movies or TV shows at home, go ahead and consult a movie or TV data base, which will allow you to work on forming name-face associations with people whose feelings you can’t possibly hurt. You can also diagnose your weaknesses with this simple exercise. Perhaps you’re worse at remembering men’s names, or perhaps you look too much at the changing features of a person’s costumes and disguises.  You can even work out a scoring system and track your progress as the weeks go by.

To read about research studies on eye contact and memory, go here.

To access the entire list of 6 tips from this article, go here.

How does eye contact help memory? It appears that relating names to the owner’s eyes is a more reliable strategy for remembering. Try practicing with celebs as suggested in tip #5 and let us know how you’re doing.

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