How to Get Around a Mental Block

You can’t remember what’s on the list you left at home or at the office; you can’t find your keys. It’s keeps happening and it’s so frustrating. So now, you’re wondering how to get around a mental block.  Dave Farrow, 2-time Guinness Record Holder for Greatest Memory and the sponsor of yesterday’s first Canadian Memory Championship, has some suggestions.

How to Get Around a Mental Block

“You don’t have to wake up in the morning and do your memory push-ups. It’s a few simple techniques,” Farrow said.

One is visualizing a little story to connect a list of random words.

Hunting for lost keys, or struggling to remember what’s on the grocery list that you left at home? Ask yourself other questions you know the answer to: how many keys are on the chain? Where were you sitting when you made the list? That will help you get around the mental block that’s preventing you from remembering, Farrow said.

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